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Welcome to the electronic meeting place for students of Chen Taijiquan (Chen Style Tai-Chi) and Beishaolin Quan (Northern Shaolin Kung fu).

The Stonelion Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association has served the martial arts community for 16 years. It now has three branches, in the St. John’s and C.B.S. area, NL; Ottawa, ON and Montréal, QC.


The Stonelion Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association is an organization dedicated to the research and transmission of authentic traditional Chinese martial arts. It currently has three branch schools in the St-John’s area of Newfoundland and Labrador; Montréal, Québec and Ottawa, Ontario.
Our aim is to share the methods of traditional Chinese martial arts training to the modern world.


In 1991, in order to bring Chinese martial arts to the university community, Mathieu Ravignat (the head-instructor of the school at that time), along with Jean-Philippe Ranger (his assistant-instructor), founded the University of Ottawa Shaolin Kung Fu School, which would eventually develop into the Stonelion Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association. This club has been the most successful martial arts club at the university four years in a row. It has taught university students and many others the importance of a strong will (yi) in promoting both physical and psychological health and development.

Originally, the club only taught Gu Ruzhang’s Beishaolin. However, since Jean-Philippe Ranger (the current head-instructor) became a 21st generation disciple of Chen Taiji under Kee Hong, Hong Junsheng’s Practical Chen Taiji and Hunyuan Taiji have been added to the official curriculum.

Teaching Approach and Philosophy

At the Stonelion Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association, we believe that the best way for students to benefit from traditional Chinese martial arts is to learn in a non-competitive environment. We nurture the martial abilities of our students through hard work, and each student focuses on overcoming his or her limits.

Technical Approach

Chinese martial arts contain two aspects: gong (ability) and fa (techniques). The gong comes from continuous practice of the fundamental exercises and body conditioning. The fa comes from the memorization of individual techniques. In our school we emphasize the gong, believing that there can be no fa without gong.

At the Stonelion Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association, the student is taught progressively. A core curriculum is set up for each style. New techniques, exercises and concepts are introduced within this framework. Students are expected to follow the curriculum in their daily practice.



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