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As the oldest of the five major branches of taijiquan (sometimes written “Tai-Chi Chuan”), Chen style Taiji emphasises gentle, spiralling, full-body movements to generate power.

Our particular branch of taiji is called “practical” for two reasons: first, it is a practical method of learning taiji. Second, it is learned and practiced as a martial art.

Our Chen style Taijiquan comes from Grandmaster Hong Junsheng, a highly skilled 18th generation master of Chen Taijiquan. Also a great scholar, Grand Master Hong organized the knowledge he received from his master Chen Fake in order to transmit it systematically. The results of his efforts is a highly ordered learning method. This system is excellent for someone who wants to train in an advanced internal martial arts that yields tangible results.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, Chen style Taijiquan is first and foremost a system of self-defence. The movements are initially practiced slowly but only to learn the body mechanics necessary for developing and issuing the tremendous spiralling power of Chen Taijiquan.

For more information, we invite our students to consult Chen Zhonghua’s website (Chen Zhonghua, 19th generation Chen Taiji, and International Standard Bearer of Hong Junsheng’s Practical Chen Taiji, is Jean-Philippe Ranger’s grandmaster).




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