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At the Stonelion TCMAA, our instructors are still learning from masters and advanced practitioners.

To be part of the Stonelion TCMAA is to be part of a larger community of dedicated martial artists from a long tradition.

About our Taiji lineage

Where did we learn our Beishaolin?

Taiji Lineage

Our Chen Taiji comes directly to our students from a well-established lineage. (Click on names for more information.)

Source of our Beishaolin

Jean-Philippe Ranger and Charles Bélanger learnt their Beishaolin from their former teacher, Mathieu Ravignat.

At sixteen years of age Mathieu traveled to Kingston, Ontario where for the first time he had the privilege of a meeting with Eric Tuttle, founder of the Twin Mountain Kung Fu Association. Over the years Matt traveled to Kingston to train and also had Eric Tuttle periodically come to Ottawa to teach him and his students. It is at this time that he was first introduced to Northern Shaolin. This intermittent training consisted of Gu Ruzhang’s Northern Shaolin and various forms of Qigong. Eric Tuttle had been a student of Master Kwok Chan of the Gu Ruzhang’s Northern Shaolin system.

Matt was also privileged to have trained for a short time with Dou Wan Chun of the Chan Kowk Wai International Association. He was also honoured at one time with the title of Vice President of the Canadian branch of the USA Chan Kowk Wai International Association.

Mathieu Ravignat still acts as special advisor to the senior instructors of the Association.



1. prince - January 18, 2012

its fantastic,next year im going to join it…….

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