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The Shaolin Temple has been associated to Chinese martial arts for centuries.   Historical documents attest to the fact that martial arts have been practiced and taught in that area.

Our particular system is called Northern Shaolin (Beishaolin), and was founded by Gu Ruzhang (Ku Yu Cheung) from Shandong province, an instructor for the Central Guoshu Institute (a Republican government organization active in the 1930s and dedicated to the dissemination of Chinese Martial Arts).  He was sent to Guangdong province in Southern China to teach his system of Shaolin.  Because he came from Northern China, he called his system “Northern Shaolin” to differentiate his teachings from systems of Southern Shaolin, such as Hong Style and Cha Li Fo (Hung Gar and Choy Li Fut in Cantonese).

The system is characterized by long fluid movements.  While it has some acrobatic elements (jumping and tornado kicks), the emphasis is on solid foundation training and mobile stances.




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